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3 Tips to Increase Video Views

3 Tips to Increase Video Views

If you just came back from a trip and recorded some new footage, here is an easy three step guide to increase video views....

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Blogger Sessions at WTM London on video

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At WTM London 2013, TBU delivered six popular talks covering a variety of topics. On the 4th day we recorded two session on video....

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RT @reisfotografen: Yess! Ook de kaarten van #TBUNTE zijn binnen. Dit jaar kun je ons dus tegen komen in het Franse Nantes en op #TBEX in A…

@journeycount there are over 60 people going so far. As this is your 1st TBU, do you have any questions we can help with? #TBUNTE

If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then maybe it's a venue for a conference? Introducing the...

@Soetkees there are some exciting updates coming soon, like venues & party locations.... and how we will use the castle! :) #TBUNTE

@travelbloger12 conference won't be in a hotel, likely a regular conference venue. Waiting to announce that ASAP (hoping today!)

@RouxPA nous utilisons # TBUNTE pour la conférence

This was lunch today, Nantes style! Traditional Cidre served in a teacup & a glorious Galette Crepe with fried...


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